DIY Murphy Bed Collection

DIY Murphy bed – come in two designs basic: The mounted bed side opens from one wall to the length of one side of the bed to the wall secured. Traditional Murphy bed is mounted to the wall at the head of the unit, so you pull the legs from the top. You can build […]

Comfortable Murphys Bed

Murphys Bed – Owners who want to free some space or create space multi functional in his home found a hidden bed, also known as double wall, it is the solution. Hidden beds are a great improvement project for the home resulting in a bed that folds up in a closet next to a wall […]

Modern Wall Beds Cabinet

Modern Wall Beds – Select the wall where you want to put a modern wall beds. Make sure there are no electrical cables, gas pipes or anything of that nature. With a tape measure, takes measurements of the mattress that is going to use. Measure the width, length and thickness, and transfer these measurements to […]

Murphy Bed Sofa Ideas Design

Murphy bed sofa – Murphy beds, or also known as wall beds are an excellent option for those with small spaces at home. They are treated in beds that can be used occasionally or for everyday use, which appear to be locked closet or desktop (depending on model), and need very little space against the […]

fold out ottoman bed brown

When you have limited space for a bed or if you need your space to serve a dual purpose, a fold out ottoman bed is an ideal solution because it lets you get bed only when you need it. You can choose between several types of hiding beds depending on the size of the room […]

Best of King Murphy Bed

King Murphy Bed – For a couple crammed into a double bed, or too confined to a queen, a king-size bed is the stuff of fantasy: acres of space to turn around in; the ability for you (and your partner) to sleep flat on their backs; space for kids to curl up in the morning […]

2015 murphy bed queen

Murphy bed queen were designed and patented in 1916 by William Murphy as a space saver for small rooms initially. Since households, accommodation and even military zones had worked in European standards, rooms were made more compact allowing greater density. At present, it occurs for tight spaces and as a result the beginning of the […]

Cool Fold Up Twin Bed

Fold up twin bed – It consists of two folding beds, one superimposed on the other. Like wall bed simple, this has several options. One of them is incorporating attics and another that incorporates internal shelves in the back. The opening of these beds is produced in the same manner as the trunk beds simple […]

Blue Folding Toddler Bed

The folding toddler bed is a great tool to move the baby either in the home or travel. These wonderful cribs, clothing allow the child, hold it and protect it, with a minimum consumption of space and great facilities saved after use. These folding toddler bed, are often useful also as protectors cots. Especially in […]

Black Full Size Folding Bed

Full size Murphy bed – also called wall bed, is an ingenious design. The entire bed is raised and folded to one side, against the wall when not in use. You just have to pull it to the ground when a bed is needed. You can fold up against the wall when fully rolled so […]